Some of us have a very high-stress level. Home life situations, work, money, relationships, etc. The list goes on. As a business owner – when you start to have a lot of high-stress and tension in your life – whether it’s business related or not – it’s important to know how to handle it so that you can still take care of your business. Of course, this will depend on the situation… But, here is my advice from drawing on personal experience and learning from mentors.
My stress “habits” or things I tend to do when I am under large amounts of pressure or stress might differ from yours. Some people sleep, some eat, others bury themselves in their work. It’s important to relieve stress and take care of yourself and the situation. But, remember if these habits are taking up too much of your time – you aren’t going to be spending as much needed time on your business.
Here is what helps me out…
Planning ahead
Planning ahead is half the battle. If you don’t map out your days then you will end up scrambling to figure out what needs to be done – like you need one more thing to actually figure out?! So, plan your days. Figure out when you can work on your business. And what you need to be working on. Set aside time when you can. For example – it’s 12:11am right now. This is the time I carved out. A really useful tool I like to use for keeping on track and organized is 
Focus on the important tasks
It’s important to not waste time on things like simply checking emails for 45 minutes, looking at your blog, scrolling through your Facebook notifications, etc. Make sure that during this focused block of time you are only working on things that are important. Checking emails is important – yes. But, save this time for immediate and important work.
Ask For Help 
Not all of us are big fans of asking for help. I’m not. But, when you really need it and you need to free up space on your plate – ask. If you are a one person show – then hire someone like us If you have business partners or staff – ask them. You should always talk to your team if you have one. And if not – we will be your team.
If you’d like more tips – please feel free to send us an email. We hope this was helpful.