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How to Grow Your Audience With Video

There’s no doubt that video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. But, there are so many videos and so many people filming everything under the sun that sometimes it gets a bit hard to get viewers attention. People do seem to have short attention spans sometimes. If you or your business has […]

Tips For Good Follow-Up

You’ve heard that the fortune is in the follow-up. But, sometimes follow up gets a little… abandoned. If you’re super busy and you’ve got 52 other things to do – you might not be thinking about following up with leads the way you should be. Well, we are here to help give you some advice […]

How Much You Should Be Paying For a Website.

There is a lot of debate when it comes to the pricing of websites. We know! And being a business that designs websites – we have some experience with what people will expect to pay. Often people assume that you can chuck $400 at a designer and get a quality website. Let’s be honest here […]

Tips For Hosting Live Events.

When you think of live events – what comes to mind? Most people think a live event needs to be some huge deal that costs thousands of dollars and more entertainment than needed. Calm down – it does not need to be the equivalent of a Metalica concert. You don’t always need to rent space […]

3 Simple Ways to Find a Solo Ad Provider

If you’ve ever tried solo ads before – I bet you were wondering how you could tell if the provider was credible. Maybe you didn’t have much luck. Or maybe you haven’t tried solo ads yet because of fear of failure. Whatever the reason – we’re going to help you find a credible solo ad […]

How to Manage Stress in Business

Some of us have a very high-stress level. Home life situations, work, money, relationships, etc. The list goes on. As a business owner – when you start to have a lot of high-stress and tension in your life – whether it’s business related or not – it’s important to know how to handle it so […]

The Fear Of Growth And Why It’s a Lie

When people think of growth in the business world – often they think of big corporate companies with large egos. But, growth doesn’t always mean expanding in size alone. Growth comes in many other forms. We have told you about our recent adventures with small businesses and one thing we noticed was that a lot […]