This is a simple 1 page site that is designed to provide a small amount of information (mostly contact information) and allow people to sign up for email notifications from your business.

An example of a capture page that we have done can be viewed at:


This is a website that usually consists of between 3 and 5 pages and does not include a way to update it yourself.  Updates would have to be done by a web designer who has FTP access to your server.

An example of a basic website that we have done can be viewed at:


This is a full website done with a content management system (we use WordPress) that you can login to and make updates yourself.  It has blogging capability and depends on a database to work.

An example of a content management system that we have done can be viewed at:


This is a full online store with products (that can either be sold or just displayed).  It has a built in CMS (Content Management System) so you can edit your products yourself if you wanted to and if you’re selling products, will have and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate included.

An example of an E-Commerce website that we have done can be viewed at:



We analyze your current website using online software to determine your sites current SEO score and provide a report to you.


We track your SEO score over a period of time (the length of your contract with us) to show your progress each month on making your website’s score better.


We use a checklist and go over every bit of data on your site to make sure that it is compliant with industry standards.  We optimize images for faster load times and make sure your code is optimized as well.


Graphics cover a wide array… they can be designed for anything from a printed business card to a digital billboard.  Each purpose of the intended graphic (logo, business card, t-shirt, social media banner, digital ad, etc.) counts as 1 graphic.


We are excited to be able to manage your social media for you.  We do not use any software for this… we manually make each post with your business in mind.  Already have social media accounts made?  Give us your login information (or make us an editor of your page) and we can post on your behalf.  Don’t have any social media accounts?  We will make your page for you and give you the login information.  Management of your social media covers 1 post per business day per platform (based on your selected monthly package).


Kansas City Marketing Company will provide you with a personal consultant that will evaluate your business and offer advice on whichever area of your business that you want to improve.


We do NOT use hot irons for this!  But we evaluate your logo and slogans and push your brand out to as many people as we can.  We use several tools for this, one of them being to simply design a t-shirt and wear it while we are out and about.  We do whatever we can instill your brand (and build it if need be) in the local area.


Writing an article seems like an easy enough task, however when Kansas City Marketing Company writes an article for your blog or social media, we make sure we articulate specific keywords to boost your SEO score and drive traffic to your website.


We have 2 different ways of doing this… We can make your video using Whiteboard video (which delivers your message via catchy animated dry erase marker writing/drawing what you want to say) or we can actually come to your location and film a commercial that will be put on your website as well as our YouTube channel.


A press kit is a sample package that puts your logo and slogan on a variety of different objects such as pens, mouse pads, grocery bags (not the disposable kind) t-shirts, hats, etc. We also design a flyer and business card to have printed and include it in your press kit.