If you’ve ever tried solo ads before – I bet you were wondering how you could tell if the provider was credible. Maybe you didn’t have much luck. Or maybe you haven’t tried solo ads yet because of fear of failure. Whatever the reason – we’re going to help you find a credible solo ad provider. There are some steps you can take to help make sure you don’t end up robbed or cheated.


This is VERY important when working with any business. But, especially solo ad providers. Make sure their website or social media pages have testimonials and reviews. Read over them and see how others experience was. While this is helpful – you need to make sure these reviews are real. Anyone can buy fake reviews. So, in this case, do a web search for the provider you are considering working with. You should see some more reliable reviews on Google or Yahoo.

Another thing a lot of people like to do including me – is to get on a Skype call with the provider. This just helps you get a better feel for them and who they are. If they don’t want to get on a call with you – don’t work with them.  If you don’t have skype it’s easy to get. Just set up an account at

Ask Others

If you still feel unsure about trying solo ads – reach out to people you know who may have bought them in the past. You can also come to our Facebook Group and ask for advice. You might even get a good recommendation on who to go to for solo ads.

Test First

You can buy a test amount of clicks from most solo ad providers. This will really help you know if they are a good choice. Buy a minimum amount of clicks. Chances are they have a tester package. Usually around one hundred or 200 clicks.  If you’re hitting the right audience and your email copy is good – you should see a percentage of opt-ins.

When you do this – something I like to do is go to Google and search for a free IP address lookup tool. And see where my leads ar coming from. Ideally, if you are targeting English-speaking prospects you would want your leads coming from places like U.S., Canada, Australia, or the UK. These are what we call tier 1 countries. So, if a provider says their traffic is tier 1 – then you can make sure by where the leads are from.

If you are using the autoresponder Aweber- you can also check where your subscribers are from by going into the Reports panel and then scrolling down to “countries” on the left of the page. If you don’t have an Aweber account you can get one here

Ability to Convert

The first time you buy solo ads you might not get a whole lot of conversions. It depends on the amount you buy, your sales copy, your offer, and the provider. Most will blame the provider for poor results. More often than not – the problem is with the follow-up process, and the offer you are promoting. If you’re driving traffic to your own sales page – the problem could be weak sales copy.


If you are new to internet marketing or marketing your business in general. Don’t blame the provider too quickly. Make sure to look over your sales copy and capture pages first. And also take a good look at your follow-up process.

If you’d like help – we are here for you. Please feel free to get in contact with us anytime.

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Some of us have a very high-stress level. Home life situations, work, money, relationships, etc. The list goes on. As a business owner – when you start to have a lot of high-stress and tension in your life – whether it’s business related or not – it’s important to know how to handle it so that you can still take care of your business. Of course, this will depend on the situation… But, here is my advice from drawing on personal experience and learning from mentors.
My stress “habits” or things I tend to do when I am under large amounts of pressure or stress might differ from yours. Some people sleep, some eat, others bury themselves in their work. It’s important to relieve stress and take care of yourself and the situation. But, remember if these habits are taking up too much of your time – you aren’t going to be spending as much needed time on your business.
Here is what helps me out…
Planning ahead
Planning ahead is half the battle. If you don’t map out your days then you will end up scrambling to figure out what needs to be done – like you need one more thing to actually figure out?! So, plan your days. Figure out when you can work on your business. And what you need to be working on. Set aside time when you can. For example – it’s 12:11am right now. This is the time I carved out. A really useful tool I like to use for keeping on track and organized is 
Focus on the important tasks
It’s important to not waste time on things like simply checking emails for 45 minutes, looking at your blog, scrolling through your Facebook notifications, etc. Make sure that during this focused block of time you are only working on things that are important. Checking emails is important – yes. But, save this time for immediate and important work.
Ask For Help 
Not all of us are big fans of asking for help. I’m not. But, when you really need it and you need to free up space on your plate – ask. If you are a one person show – then hire someone like us If you have business partners or staff – ask them. You should always talk to your team if you have one. And if not – we will be your team.
If you’d like more tips – please feel free to send us an email. We hope this was helpful.