There’s no doubt that video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. But, there are so many videos and so many people filming everything under the sun that sometimes it gets a bit hard to get viewers attention. People do seem to have short attention spans sometimes. If you or your business has a video channel like YouTube or Parascope – you are immediately in competition with other video marketers and not to mention the thousand other vloggers online. But, you can still manage to have a good following. In this article – we will discuss how to keep your viewers engaged.

But, before we jump into that – think about something… Let’s say a car company has a brand new awesome sports car out. They decide to create a series of videos and post them online. The videos show the high performance, cost, and sleekness. But, to their surprise – the video doesn’t get much engagement. Why do you think that is? The videos were beautiful, the car is stunning. What more do you need?

The video did not provide value. Sure, people want new cars. But, the videos only showed the beauty of the car and how fast it can go. If you’re not racing… where’s the value? Remember – video marketing is not just for pushing sales. It’s building trust and creating a conversation. now, let’s move on!

Stick to The Subject

No matter how you choose to film your videos or what your business is making sure your videos are congruent to your brand. If you make cakes make sure your videos are about anything relevant to the cakes you make. It’s easy to veer off topic, seriously.

You want your content to be real, honest, and true to your business. People won’t want to buy from you if they feel that your content is fake or forced.

Care About the Subject

The best videos are ones that are made with interest and care. You should make videos on subjects that both you and your target audience care about. It’s super easy for some companies like airlines, Apple, or XBox. But, not so easy for laundry detergent or tissues. Because it’s easy to like travel and getting a new phone. Not so easy to like doing laundry and blowing your nose.

But, the thing to remember here is – find an element in your product even if it is a tissue that your audience finds useful. Or even entertaining. There are lots of funny commercials out there that have gotten a good amount of attention. So, for your tissues – maybe show the kind of things that happen when you DON’T have a tissue when you need it most. Or, for the more useful info approach. Remember that people usually look for videos that offer advice, tips, or how to. So, if it fits your business or product – you could make a series of “How To” videos. So, for the laundry detergent –  ” 8 things you can use our laundry detergent for other than laundry”


Before you actually get down to filming we’ve got some advice for you. Everyone wants loads of views on their videos but remember that one hit viral videos are awesome but… They won’t create a loyal audience. So, rather than expecting or aiming for thousands of views all at once – go for creating a consistent video series. Maintain this and then increase engagement with your viewers over time.

So, upload your videos on a schedule. A LOT of famous YouTube stars upload their videos on the same day every week around the same time. Kind of like your favorite TV show or radio show. Same time every week. This creates a schedule people will expect. If you never knew when your favorite TV show was coming on – you most likely would not watch it. So, if the show came on today but three weeks later they aired three episodes in one day and then didn’t come back on for a month. You would forget about it by then.

Decide how many episodes or videos in a series you want to post and how long the content will be relevant to your channel. So, a series can only run for so long or it loses its spark. Think about future content as well.

Invite Guests

You see TV shows guest-star other actors, music artists feature other singers, and webinars invite special guests. Yea, it works! Invite a guest to appear in your video to help widen the appeal to your audience. Obviously, you don’t have to invite someone A-list like Grand Cardone or Axl Rose. But, you can feature bloggers, vloggers, or other influencers in your industry. But, make sure it is someone who can present you in a positive way.

Before You Publish

Alright, Sparky! You’ve got your content and now you’re ready to publish. But, first… Let’s lay some groundwork. Before your videos are viewed your audience will see a thumbnail. Think of a thumbnail like a book cover or movie poster. It needs to be clear, and eye-catching. And remember it needs to look good on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.

Like an email subject line – the first thing people are going to read is your title. Come up with a title that is fitting, catchy, and descriptive. Research your keywords and tags. Make sure your tags are popular with your audience and that your titles can be found easily. This can take time – but if you would like some help please feel free to let us know.

Remember – viewers see the top two sentences in the description of your video. That will usually make or break their choice to watch. This is like curb-appeal for real estate. Use this to highlight your call to action, website link, and social media links as well.

Remember to listen

It is very very VERY important that you listen to your audience. People want to be heard. Show that you listen to them by replying to comments, making suggested videos, give them rewards, treat them like friends. People value entertainment, utility, personal interaction, and honesty. Engage with your followers and viewers. Talk to them about what they think is important, what they would like to know, and what problems you can solve for them.

We hope that this will help you build a better following and consistent viewers. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. You can drop us a line on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @KCMarketingCo and check out our website.  We’re always here to help.